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 Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Guild Rules   Guild Rules Icon_minitimeMon Jun 14, 2010 11:15 pm

Raiding Rules

Raiders are:

- Players who are enthusiastic about PVE and helping the guild to progress
- Are able to raid regularly- we have no rules for attendance but we do prefer if raiders can let us know about holidays etc so that we know to expect you to be inactive for a while.
- Always willing to learn and listen

Loot Rules
1. When something that more than one person needs the item will be rolled for.
2. When something else drops that more than one person needs it will be rolled for. BUT if you’ve already received a drop you will be expected to pass. If more than two people haven’t gotten anything they will roll for it.
3. If something drops that more than one person needs and both persons have received loot they will roll for it. And so on. The loot will be divided as equally as possible.
4. In the event of bickering, Guild leader/Officers ruling is final. Epics aren't the be all and end all. Friendship and manners mean more here.

Bind on Equips will not be given to initiates or those who do not raid(ever), and will be used to fund the guild.

Ventrilo can be downloaded here: http://www.ventrilo.com/

You must be able to hear what is happening on ventrilo during raids. A working mic is useful but not a necessity.

Our ventrilo information is: Ventrilo.pulsegaming.com, port: 5213

Some addons that are important when raiding are:
Omen- http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/omen-threat-meter.aspx
Deadly boss mods- http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/deadly-boss-mods.aspx


  • A happy enjoyable raid environment is just as important as downing the bosses
  • People should be respectful of others at all times, no racism, sexism etc.
  • People should not speak over the raid leaders or other players when explaining tactics, handing out loot or discussing other important information.
  • The raid leader's and officer's word are final. People should not argue with them over loot or other decisions.
  • People should not go afk during a raid without informing the raid leader or an officer first.
  • People should have read up on the boss tactics before the raid. Wiping because people didnt know a boss's abilities wastes prescious raiding time. Boss tactics can be found under the tactics forum.
  • If you sign for a raid people expect you to be there. If you are not able to attend you should unsign as early as possible so that a replacement can be found. Or if for any reason you will be late for a raid please let somebody know or post on the sign thread

Social Member Rules

Social members are:

- Inactive players, or inactive as raiders
- Leveling players
- Players who are not interested in PVE and prefer other activities in WoW
- Players who are not yet ready to raid i.e they do not yet have good enough gear
- Players who have not been accepted as raiders due to raiding slots being full.

Social members will still be invited to raids and may sign if they wish. However the regular raiders will get priority on raid spots.

There are no loot priorities, however Tier Peice Tokens will be distributed between frequent raiders only. Raids will always follow the normal loot rules (see above)
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Guild Rules
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